political cartoon

A political cartoon on Scottish Independence

6 Aug No Comments

Should we stay or should we go? Scots politicians clash I was asked to produce a political cartoon to illustrate an article on the up and coming Scottish Independence Vote. The article features a series of questions put to Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Conservative MSP (Member (read more…)

Painting of a Volkswagon Bus

Watercolour postcards painted at the Glastonbury Festival

2 Jul 1 Comment

Converted volkswagen  dormobile camper used as an ice cream Bus As I am fortunate enough to live in Pilton where the Glastonbury Festival is held, and living here makes it easy ofr me to get out with my paints and do a spot of work in between bands, larger and hog roast. (read more…)

Drawing of a man with pigeons

A drawing to give away in my next newsletter

25 Jun No Comments

Sign up to my newsletter and you can enter the free draw to win this preparatory pencil study in the next few weeks. Who is he? I am currently working a great deal in London’s East End and while drawing a building with two tube trains on the roof I (read more…)

painting of a cat

Painting cats is pretty fun and I dont mind admitting it

19 Jun No Comments

I was commissioned recently to paint four cats owned by one of my clients. Initially she just wanted simple portraits for the wall. I however wanted to give it a bit more and suggested we do something around their personalities and have them in individual chairs too to add a (read more…)

Brick lane oil painting London

A commission for an oil painting of Brick Lane, London

29 May 7 Comments

  I was commissioned to paint this bar (Casa Blue) which is situated on the corner of Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road in London’s East End. Now many people say that London is the hippest city in the world. And if London is indeed the most hippest city in (read more…)

Oil painting fo a road to Wells

A quick painting trip around Pilton

27 May 2 Comments

Glastonbury Tor 30cm x 14cm Oil on Board Over the bank Holiday weekend I decided to take a quick trip over the back hills of Pilton to do a spot of traditional outdoor oil painting. It is not something I do on a regular basis though sometimes its just good to splash (read more…)

Painting fo Bacon Street Spitalfields

A painting of Bacon Street Market, Spitalfields

22 May No Comments

This framed painting is available to buy here or to buy as a limited edition print here Someone who has never visited Brick Lane Market before could be forgiven for thinking that ‘Brick Lane market’ was all there is, you will discover, however, a few scattered other market gems huddled (read more…)

Drawing of Fornier street

A feature in ‘Spitalfields Life’ about me and my work

22 Apr No Comments

5 Fournier Street On Good Friday I was invited to be interviewed by ‘The gentle author’ – the anonymous blog and book writer of ‘Spitalfields Life’ who has set the rather daunting ambition of:   “Writing at least ten thousand stories about Spitalfields life. At the rate of one a (read more…)

Illustration of Dubai

A few illustration pieces for a client in Dubai

26 Mar 3 Comments

I thought I would do a blog on some of my illustration work I have been working on. The Client MEED is a magazine based in the Middle East and I am commissioned on occasion to do covers for them. We have been working together for about a year now (read more…)

Painting of the Royal courts of Justice

A watercolour painting of The Royal Courts of Justice

17 Mar 4 Comments

This painting is for sale on my online shop here. I am a member of London Historians, a group of like-minded London history enthusiasts. Director Mike Paterson invited me along to one of its tours: The Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand. I have a keen interest in history (read more…)

A watercolour of Tottenham Hotspur football stadium

A watercolour commission of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

4 Feb 4 Comments

This painting is available as a limited edition print on this link  A client who is a great Spurs’ fan, commissioned me to paint the Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in North London. There is some urgency in this commission as the current stadium will be demolished pretty soon and be replaced (read more…)

watercolour of Victoria square, Clifton, Bristol

A commission to paint Victoria square in Clifton, Bristol

4 Feb No Comments

Victoria square is A leafy Early Victorian promenaded square of sumptuous four story town houses in stone that glows the colour of toast, commonly known as Bath Stone. In the centre of the square are very well tended gardens with not a cider bottle in site.   The square was (read more…)

Drawing of two girls by the river Thames

I will give away this drawing in my next newsletter

30 Jan 11 Comments

Sign up to my newsletter and you can enter the free draw to win this preparatory pencil study.   I send out my newsletter when I feel I have got something to say which is of genuine interest, usually once or twice a month. Included in each newsletter is one (read more…)

Covent Garden Piazza watercolour

A watercolour of Covent Garden Market

16 Jan 2 Comments

I was commissioned to do a painting of Covent Garden in central London. The client asked for a picture of the present market hall built in 1830, also including a few local characters. A delight to do. When I arrived on site sketchbook in hand I began pulling in the (read more…)

A drawing of St Paul's Cathedral

A quick drawing tour of the St Paul’s area of London

8 Jan 5 Comments

Prior to doing any painting I generally do onsite drawings first. In this case I chose to do a quick drawing tour of the St Pauls area of London. I decided to do all my drawings just within a few hundred yards of each other as it was a decent challenge and it was a (read more…)

Oil painting of Conkers

Painting Conkers for old times sake

23 Nov 6 Comments

  I arrived back from London at Castle Cary station on an October afternoon. Autumn was on its way, it was blowing a bit and none too warm; what turned out to be an excellent Summer was certainly in the past so I picked up the pace to get to (read more…)

An oil painting of Godney

A spot of early morning painting on the Somerset Levels

17 Nov No Comments

Oil on Board 29cm x 12cm I was pretty busy last week with commissions and various other commitments, and although it always good to be busy, and its a great job you can sometimes get a wee bit full. So on occasion you need to just get out with your easel and (read more…)

Oil painting of an allotment

Preparing for The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

19 Oct No Comments

To help stem the chaos of an artist’s life A few years ago I did a great deal of work studying Time Management, I even bought a few books on it.   Something had to be done as the ‘things to be completed’ tide was eventually going to sweep me (read more…)

Watercolour painting of the Glastonbury festival

My first Somerset Art Weeks festival

6 Oct 1 Comment

  I have just finished Somerset Art Weeks (mentioned in a previous blog). It was my first festival and lasted two weeks at Worthy Barn, Pilton so I thought I would post a small summary.   As I am a recent resident of the village of Pilton, I thought I (read more…)

A watercolour painting of the Glastonbury Festival

Preparing for Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2013

30 Aug No Comments

  I am currently putting my work together for this year Somerset Art Weeks (SAW) an artist-led organisation and Somerset’s only countywide agency dedicated to developing the visual arts. It is running from 21st September to the 6th October.   This is my first year exhibiting with SAW and I (read more…)

Drawing of a women in an allotment

Giveaway drawing comments following my last newsletter

14 Aug No Comments

I give away a drawing with each newsletter I send out. The most recent winner has sent over a few comments about the drawing he won which I have posted below.   If you want to win a drawing too then just sign up to my newsletter in the box provided (read more…)

Painting of michelin_house fulham road

One hot day to paint Michelin House, London for Pintar Rapido

17 Jul 4 Comments

I was talked into entering the Pintar Rapido – create a picture in a day. This is a self-explanatory exhibition based in Kensington and Chelsea, London. Essentially you have a day to complete one picture in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and deliver it to the Town Hall in (read more…)

Porlock Weir Drawing

A visit to The Exmoor National Park and a quick drawing too

11 Jun No Comments

I paid a quick visit to Porlock Weir on the North Coast of Exmoor National Park. This is a very tiny fishing village tucked beneath the high hills and bluffs of the National Park, accessed by a single and often precipitous road. As you enter the village there is a short terrace (read more…)

Drawing of a pig show

Showing pigs at The Royal Bath & West Show

5 Jun 5 Comments

As a lifetime ‘Towny’ I have to confess that I had never been to an agricultural show in all my life so I jumped at the opportunity to pop over to The Royal Bath & West Show. It was a fascinating day with every aspect of country life catered for (read more…)

Liam at art show

Scrapbook Live exhibition Thursday 9th May

16 May No Comments

I was recently invited to exhibit at the Scrap Book Live event organised by Illustrationweb at The Griffin Gallery in London. It was a great night which included live portrait painting by Sarah Beetson and some great calligraphy demonstrations too. Exhibiting my work next to such great talent is always (read more…)

Glastonbury Tor drawing

Drawing a glimmer of Spring on The River Thames, London

18 Apr No Comments

The weather in the last year in the UK has been nothing short of appalling. There are only so many winter scenes or rainy landscapes an artist can cope with. Yes, this last year would have even challenged the great Turner. I have to say though the last week things (read more…)

Glastonbury Tor drawing

I drew the Glastonbury Tor on a rare sunny day

29 Mar No Comments

Today it was sunny, really cold but sunny. Even though I have loads of studio work to do I decided to make the best of this rarest of days and do some work outside.   Grabbing my gear I took a short walk through the village and out on the (read more…)

A drawing of a Man in Garden

The winner of the last newsletter drawing giveaway

28 Mar No Comments

I give away a drawing with each of my newsletters. The winner is picked out at random from those who wish to take part in the draw.   The last drawing which was a preparatory drawing for an oil painting was won by Bea from Hove, UK. She was kind (read more…)

A drawing of a Man in Garden

A drawing to give away in my newsletter

3 Mar 7 Comments

I will be giving away this (8cm x 16cm) mounted drawing in my next newsletter which will be sent on the 4th March.   The winner will be picked randomly from all those who put in a request for him. A drawing will be on offer for each newsletter from (read more…)