The painting above is Michelin House painted at Pintar Rapido 2013.  Read about this painting here

The past few years I have entered myself into the Pintar Rapido painting competition in London (see images at the top and bottom). This takes place over two days. On the first day you paint your picture, and on the second you exhibit that picture at Chelsea Town hall in The Kings Road.

All very simple in essence though for me it is a butcher’s yard of an assault course.

My paintings generally take far longer than one day, and they are supported by preparation drawings too. I have also to minus the time getting to and from the location, and stuffing it all into a frame by 7pm to present it with a grin plastered to my face.

The two previous times I entered it was 32c minus any shade. I knew I had no time for a break so I arrived on site with two litres of water and six bananas to keep me going. Both times I managed to leave with a painting and a blinding headache on top.

I wonder why I am throwing myself into the fire once more, but I am. I suffer for my art.

Painting Location

I am not totally sure what location I will paint yet though I am certain after delivery I will be located in a curry house somewhere in the East End with loads of beer at the table.

Fancy going to the exhibition?

If you are in London on the weekend of the 12 July 2015 then this exhibition will be pretty good I think. They have over 400 entries and has a pleasant, easy going atmosphere about it all. I will be there too at some point too. And in a better mood. See you then.

“Pintar Rapido London is the UK’s biggest outdoor painting festival, competition and exhibition. A weekend celebration of art and the London cityscape. It is open to professional and non-professional artists of all skill levels and it inspires hundreds of them to create a picture from start to finish in a day. The following day the public can view and buy these unique visions of London at the Pintar Rapido exhibition.”

Exhibition Details

The doors open to the public at 12.00 noon and close at 5.30pm.
12 July 2015,
Chelsea Town Hall,
King’s Road,
See more details here.


The painting below is Portobello Road painted at Pintar Rapido 2014.  Read about this painting here

Painting fo Portobello Road


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