In recent times I have been shooting videos to give a bit of an idea my day-to-day life as a professional artist. As I don’t doubt you are just as busy as me, the videos are fairly short. I hope you enjoy them.

A video of a London walk to The Royal Academy of Arts

I often visit London often and to get across the city, in general, I would use the tube, although since the pandemic, I have been more inclined to walk.

And really, if you have the time, it’s a far better way to travel, especially in an ancient city like London.


A painting video of Liverpool Docks and The Liver Building

After visiting a client, I took the opportunity to visit Liverpool and do a spot of painting. While there, I thought I would produce a small video of my experiences. I hope you enjoy it.


A painting trip and video in Dittisham in South Devon

Dittisham (locally pronounced Dit’sum) is in South Devon and near the mouth of the River Dart it is a fine ancient fishing port and real treat for painter and tourist alike.

I have visited here previously when I lived in London. Then it was about 250 miles, which included the dreaded M25 motorway, nicknamed ‘the Car Park’ by more cynical locals.

Today I live in Somerset so, it’s only about 100 miles away making the whole journey down less of an ordeal.


A small video painting tour on a bicycle around Somerset

Although I do go on location to paint, much of my time is spent inside the studio so it’s extremely easy to become unfit, not to mention to pile-on the pounds. Consequently, to keep fit and mobile, I like to get out and cycle a few times a week.