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About this drawing in Taormina

From the bus station in Taormina there is a slow, long climb to the centre of town. Dragging a suitcase in the summer heat can be tiring so this this pugnacious, robust Sicilian fruit seller was on site to take advantage of the passing trade.

He could be seen first thing in the morning sprawled on his chair working from the back of his pocket-sized truck. As the day wore on, and the fruit was sold he made no attempt to make his patch look a bit tidy. He just slowly disappeared beneath the discarded trays.

He seemed to be saying ‘If you want fruit, then here it is, if you don’t then get lost.’ I rather admired him for it.

In the evenings he would pack it all up and drift off home. How he managed to squeeze himself into that tiny cab I will never know. He clearly wasn’t keen on his own produce.

These pencil study is 20cm x 15cm, signed and mounted on acid-free card.

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