Flower Gardening for Beginners blog

Illustrations for the book Flower Gardening for Beginners

17 Sep No Comments

Earlier this year I was asked to illustrate a book on flower gardening. I rather enjoy painting flowers as there are so many varieties. With this kind of work comes different challenges around colour, tone and structure. The one thing they all have in common however is delicacy. It’s a (read more…)

Growing mushrooms for beginners front cover

Illustrating Growing Mushrooms for Beginners

16 Feb 2 Comments

I often get asked to paint book and magazine covers, but rarely whole books. When books do come along its difficult to guess what they might be, so I was much intrigued when asked to illustrate a book on cultivating mushrooms. My knowledge of mushrooms I have to say that (read more…)

Woodbridge Prep School Map combined

Illustrated Aerial Views Woodbridge School in Suffolk

21 Dec No Comments

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” To me, this quote is the quote of 2020, we are living through a pandemic so businesses must quickly learn to adapt to the challenges of the ‘new normal’. In normal circumstances a school would hold open days (read more…)

Sipsmith Gin Illustration

Illustrations for A Sipsmith Gin Summer Campaign

16 Jul 1 Comment

The Sipsmith Gin company contacted me during the last days of winter to work on a summer campaign for their new Gin & Tonic in a can. The Sipsmith Gin & Tonic concept The initial idea was to create a scene which encompassed a number outdoor activities we may undertake (read more…)

Illustration of Augusta National Golf Club

Illustration map of The Augusta National Golf Club, USA

9 May 2 Comments

Recently, I was commissioned to illustrate the Augusta National Golf Club and course in Augusta, Georgia for Golf Monthly magazine. I really enjoy producing maps. It appeals the “detail nut” inside me and I rather looked forward to it. A bit about Augusta National Golf Club Augusta National Golf Club was (read more…)

Painting of Friers Square London

Illustrations of London and Manchester for a rebrand

26 Sep 4 Comments

I was recently commissioned by KW Wealth, an independent wealth management firm, to help illustrate their rebrand. The background to the story… Recognising that the financial industry is fragmented and can often seem unapproachable, my brief was to capture the human face of KW Wealth. Almost all their clients are (read more…)

Tin pan Alley film poster

A poster for a film about Denmark Street ‘Tin Pan Alley’

25 Jul 1 Comment

A while back, whilst on my travels through London I noticed demolition work going on around Denmark Street. It appeared that developers had already knocked down a fair bit on Earmshaw Street, and behind the buildings on Denmark Street too. Even though ‘development’ is becoming ever more commonplace I have (read more…)

Kite illustration fro Countryfile

An illustration for the BBC CountryFile Magazine

28 Jun 1 Comment

I was pleased to be invited to contribute an illustration to July’s issue of the BBC Countryfile Magazine. “If you love the great British countryside and the great outdoors, you’ll love BBC Countryfile Magazine. Based on the long-running BBC One TV series, this monthly magazine is packed with the latest (read more…)

illustration of a laboratory

An illustration commission of a modern laboratory

25 Jan 4 Comments

I was commissioned by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the USA to illustrate a laboratory for their annual newsletter. Rather than just text and figures, they wanted to develop a colourful image that best personified the organisation. The idea being that they would feature their modern laboratories showing (read more…)

illuistraton of vegetables for packaging

Illustrating packaging for quality ready meals in Ireland

1 Nov No Comments

During the rather short summer, I was asked to illustrate a selection of vegetables for the packaging of a selection of quality ready meals by ‘Pure Kitchen’ in Ireland. About Pure Kitchen “We craft handmade meals from the best quality, locally sourced ingredients for you to enjoy at home or (read more…)

A painting of Goodwood Revival festival

A painting commission of The Goodwood Revival Festival

28 Jul 1 Comment

I was commissioned by one of the people involved in the Goodwood Revival festival to paint a scene which gives a flavour of the festival. What is the Goodwood Revival festival? “From 1948 to 1966 the Goodwood circuit was the spiritual home of British motor racing, staging classic races such (read more…)

Painting of st marys works Norwich

An illustration of St Mary’s Works in Norwich

21 Apr No Comments

I was approached by the architect developer Architekton to help them illustrate their ideas in the development of St Mary’s Works in Norwich. An ideal job for me as my pencils and brushes can get to work on great architecture and community living. What is St Mary’s Works? St Mary’s (read more…)

A painting of tropical fish

Painting fish for ‘Pets at Home’ Magazine

23 Apr 13 Comments

Sometimes I am commissioned to illustrate something that I know absolutely nothing about. That said, however, you have to learn very fast when it comes to specialist subjects because the client is quick to point out all your howling errors. I was asked to illustrate three groups of fish in in three (read more…)

Painting of a Mod on a Vespa

A painting of a Mod on a Vespa

22 Feb No Comments

I had this commission to paint a scooter rider for a client’s husbands birthday. It seemed a simple at first. Just do a rider on a scooter I said to myself. Simple. How wrong was I! This first scooter I did was a  Lamberetta which of course was totally not (read more…)

political cartoon

A political cartoon on Scottish Independence

6 Aug No Comments

Should we stay or should we go? Scots politicians clash I was asked to produce a political cartoon to illustrate an article on the up and coming Scottish Independence Vote. The article features a series of questions put to Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Conservative MSP (Member (read more…)

painting of a cat

Painting cats is pretty fun and I dont mind admitting it

19 Jun No Comments

I was commissioned recently to paint four cats owned by one of my clients. Initially she just wanted simple portraits for the wall. I however wanted to give it a bit more and suggested we do something around their personalities and have them in individual chairs too to add a (read more…)

Illustration of Dubai

A few illustration pieces for a client in Dubai

26 Mar 3 Comments

I thought I would do a blog on some of my illustration work I have been working on. The Client MEED is a magazine based in the Middle East and I am commissioned on occasion to do covers for them. We have been working together for about a year now (read more…)

Liam at art show

Scrapbook Live exhibition Thursday 9th May

16 May No Comments

I was recently invited to exhibit at the Scrap Book Live event organised by Illustrationweb at The Griffin Gallery in London. It was a great night which included live portrait painting by Sarah Beetson and some great calligraphy demonstrations too. Exhibiting my work next to such great talent is always (read more…)

A profile and scrapbook about me

28 Jul No Comments

My illustrators agent Illustrationweb have out a quick scrapbook together about me and my work. They asked a number of questions and a selection of which they posted on their site. If you have five minutes spare than do have a look.    

Illustration web image

I have recently joined the Illustrationweb Illustration agency

29 Apr 4 Comments

I have recently joined the Illustrationweb Illustration agency. They are a great bunch of people and have offices in London, New York, Paris, Hamburg and Shanghai.   “We have been representing leading illustrators since 1929 which makes us the world’s most established illustration agency”   I am really looking forward (read more…)