I work in a variety of media to produce unique pieces of character, whether in front of the subject, or in the studio.

The Ordinary World

Whether it’s the place we live, our nearest and dearest, or even ourselves, the trouble with ‘ordinary’ is there being so much of it. There is a tendency to no longer ‘see’ when looking at people and things with which we are familiar; it becomes difficult to appreciate their unique beauty.

Like my influences: Spencer and Lowry, I try to notice and celebrate the ordinary things around us; believing much of life’s genuine and lasting pleasures are those right in front of our eyes and under our noses.

A photo of Liam O'Farrell

People and places

I prefer to work in front of the subject if possible: You can capture so much more in the moment and space – I also get to chat to passers-by who feed into my work with rich stories and fascinating conversation.

For me, working purely in the studio would be like painting through a letter box.


The painters L. S. Lowry and Stanley Spencer – alongside Walter Sickert and the narratives of William Hogarth – have the greatest influence on my development as an artist, with music and song also playing a part in an O’Farrell original. Often, particularly, in his street scenes, I aim to capture the flavour of songs like The Beatles’ ‘Penny Lane’, a song that on the surface, is catchy and cheerful, but has a darker, richer, melancholy running underneath.

In summary, I feel there’s nothing ordinary about the ordinary because, even there, magic can always be found if you look hard enough.

Liam painting

Exhibitions and Press

I have exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on several occasions. Also, annual open exhibitions at The Mall Galleries for The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, The New English Art Club, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Royal Society of British Artist, and The Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Extensively published, my work has featured in The Guardian, The Times, Tatler and many art magazines including Artists & Illustrators and Paint & Draw.



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