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About these drawings

I have decided to paint a large oil painting of Denmark Street in London, and to get myself rolling I wondered over there to produce a few preparatory drawings, and colour studies.

I got myself on site and began drawing the iconic ‘Tin Pan Alley’ shops that makes Denmark Street the legend it is.

At the East end of the street was the ubiquitous London building site. This in essence means a few iconic London buildings are swept away, a great hole scraped into the ground. Then something anonymous in glass and steel is put into its place that could belong to anywhere in the world, or nowhere in particular.

While I was scribbling  I noticed a collection of builders just standing about. And they kept on just standing about. I have seen building sites all over the world, and no matter what the culture, in whatever country there are always builders just standing about doing nothing.

These are just a few of loiterers that I noticed while I was there. I can honestly say that for the whole time I worked drawing in Denmark Street they didn’t lift a single shovel between them.

Part of me can’t help admiring them.

These pencil studies are 12cm x 17cm, signed and mounted on acid-free card.

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