A political cartoon on Scottish Independence

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Should we stay or should we go?

Scots politicians clash I was asked to produce a political cartoon to illustrate an article on the up and coming Scottish Independence Vote.

The article features a series of questions put to Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Conservative MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) for Glasgow; and Paul Wheelhouse, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish National Party MSP for South Scotland.

Essentially Ruth wants to remain as part of the UK and Paul is against the union. With this in mind, the client and I developed the idea of Ruth pulling the two nations together and Paul pushing them apart.

We felt it important to give a balanced view and avoid any cliché hero/villain scenarios. We also had to take into account that both view themselves as proud Scots. Once we were clear on this, I added in the flags of the two sides, each wearing representative tartans and even Nessie as well!

If you are interested in their full debate you can see it here on this link.

Client Testimonial

‘Liam’s first draft, which he turned around impressively quickly, pretty much nailed the concept we were looking for straight away. Our suggested tweaks were acted upon equally speedily with the minimum of fuss until we were 100% happy. ‘


Andrew Shirley
Head of Rural Research & Wealth Report Editor
Knight Frank LLP




Scottish indipendence drawing


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