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Who are they?

I spotted this rather oddly matched pair on the Thames Embankment last year. Despite the striking difference between the two they seemed to know each other very well and were chatting amiably enough as they strolled by. Interestingly it was too warm to be wearing a big heavy coat with your hands jammed in the pockets and too cold to be in a strappy top and summer skirt.


In my mind I concluded they were either very different sisters or had known each other almost all their lives as sadly in adulthood people do tend to segment themselves pretty keenly into their own personal ‘types’.


They made a great subject so I noted them quickly as they went by then ran ahead to catch them up so I could add a bit more detail. I did this a few times and the engrossed pair never noticed me at all.


The pencil study is 12cm x 20cm, signed and mounted on acid free card.


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