A bit about Lymington

This view is of Quay Hill which leads down from the main part of the town to the harbour. It is peppered with eateries, pubs, and shops which try to catch a bit of trade from the passing visitors.

A settlement has been here, tucked away on the banks of the river Lymington since the 6th Century, and has been inhabited ever since with a listing as “Lentune” in the Doomsday book in 1086. The village has survived through fishing, ship building, salt making, and even as an army garrison at one point. It seems Lymington has responded to the changing times rather well over 1,400 hundred years.

Lymington has slowly grown into a small town (9,300), and these days, is one of the south coast’s centres of yachting so is very popular with tourists. During the summer months, it’s packed out, and those that aren’t sailing about, are watching those who are, whilst catching crabs from the quay with bits of bacon and string.