Limited edition print of Blomfield Road, Little Venice, Maida Vale, London


The limited edition print of a view in Blomfield Road, Little Venice, London is 45cm x 40cm not including the white boarder

Two communities in Little Venice by the Regents Canal

Really, when I say ‘community’, I mean two communities. The first, known as Little Venice, is on the Regents Canal, mainly consisting of houseboats and converted barges, evoking a curious piece of rural England ploughing through the metropolis.

Although some cater to tourists, most of the boats and barges are fully residential and don’t go very far. That said, if you’re feeling  adventurous, and your vessel allows it, you can can sail away if you wish, eventually finding yourself in either Leicester or Birmingham.

The second community is a more conventional bricks and mortar affair, a rather grand one at that.

This is a bit more akin to the London we know – not quite as sedate as on the canal, and a lot noisier too.

Why paint here?

The contrast in these communities is what makes Little Venice so interesting. I tried to find a spot where I can catch both within a single image. And the gods of art must be on my side because not only is it not raining, I also found exactly the scene I wanted.

I quickly settled in to do one of my small drawings, which I planned to do as a large painting later on. So keeping it simple for the moment.

As I worked, I wondered whether the canal people mix with the house people. I like to think they do.

I wondered if they invite each other to parties and meet on the street on New Year’s Eve? Whatever the situation, it seems like a fascinating place to live as there always seems to be something going on. Eventually I was happy with the basics of the drawing and had something ready for a larger painting back in the studio.

I really enjoyed my afternoon in Maida Vale. I’ve painted here quite a few times and it’s always well worth a visit.

I’ll return again at some point but that was it for the day. Many thanks for watching the video.




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