About my painting The Vieux Moulin Hotel, Pont du Gard, Languedoc, France

Le Vieux Moulin is an old mill which sits on a bluff high above the Gardon River not too far from the Southern French city of Avignon.

The building is no longer a working mill, and has been converted to a hotel and restaurant. A beautiful hotel it is too. The Le Vieux Moulin also possesses incredible views on the ancient Roman aqueduct which crosses the river a few hundred meters away.

I initially went to Pont Du Gard to paint the aqueduct, however, as this was more of a holiday than a painting trip, I have to confess I indulged enthusiastically on all the local food, and wine so when I lumped down on the banks of the river, I was feeling rather weary.

Nevertheless, I got my pad out, and lined up on the wonderful three tier aqueduct. It truly is incredible. I then counted up the arches. 52! ‘Oh lord’ I muttered to myself as I stuffed another piece of Provencal Saucisson in my mouth. I simply couldn’t cope.

Not wanting to waste the trip, my eye drifted across the water, and rested upon Le Vieux Moulin Hotel on the opposite bank. I counted five arches. The hotel it is.

I wanted to work quickly to capture the angle of the shadows and the whole landscape had a warm, yellow hue. I enjoyed the contrast of the restful view with the cool fast moving river.
I was rather pleased with the result in the end.

I could say now that I visited the hotel’s restaurant, and sampled the excellent stuffed zuchini flowers. Though I’d be lying. I just got finished my Saucisson, then drove back to the house for a siesta. All that said, according to Trip Advisor, the restaurant is excellent.