Limited edition print of Clarence Pier In Portsmouth


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55cm x 22.5cm giclee print not including white area. See below for Additional Information.

A bit about this print of Clarence Pier in Portsmouth

During February 2017 I visited my old home town of Portsmouth. While there I walked along the beach and came across Clarence Pier. It looked an ideal painting for me. A bit of dilapidated glory always stirs me.

The pier also holds some fine memories from when I was a child. Added to that, along the beach there were a few locals taking a walk with bouncing dogs. People who walk on beaches in winter tend not to be the same people who sunbathe on them in summer.

I was enthused, and decided to paint the scene. I would use it a basis for studio painting. I always travel very light. I pulled out a small palate, A Moleskine sketchbook, pencils and brushes.
I found a bit of windshield behind a café, then got myself cosy, pulled my hat down tight, and wearing my fingerless gloves.

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60cm x 21cm giclee print not including white area

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