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Maida Vale has been a bit of a favourite spot of mine, so I’ve decided to also write about a few other paintings completed over the years.

Initially I am going to talk about this large oil painting which is a scene along the Regent’s Canal in Little Venice, and then I will be visiting a number of places that I have painted over the years.

A painting of Blomfield Road in Little Venice LondonYou can purchase this painting here

You can purchase a limited edition print of this painting here

There is a bit of a mystery who first coined the name ‘Little Venice’ though I have half an idea it was a rather canny estate agent.

The aim of the painting is to capture two communities. the ever moving, canal community, and that of the houses on its banks.

Browning’s Pool

painting of Browning's Pool in Maida ValeYou can purchase a limted edition print of this painting here

Further down the Regent’s Canal you will find Browning’s Pool. This is at the junction where it meets the Grand Union canal and it’s pretty busy all year round.

Many of the boats have been converted into restaurants bars and cafes. I paid a visit one afternoon and was immediately struck by this view, thinking it would make a rather interesting painting.

Maida Vale StationA painting of Maida Vale StationYou can purchase a limited edition print of this painting here

Maida Vale tube station incorporates my favourite combination of Oxblood tiles and arches which typify many of the London tube stations. The initial design was developed by Leslie Green although he died before the station build was required. Another architect, Stanley Heaps, continued the design using Green’s previous work as a template.

When you enter the station, the pride and care taken in the details is still apparent.

Ashworth MansionsA painting of Ashworth Mansions, Maida Vale, London

Not far from Maida Vale Station you come to a series of Victorian and Edwardian mansion blocks, and this particular example is Ashworth mansions.

These red brick mansion blocks are a familiar sight in London, with Ashworth Mansions being opened in 1902. Today all is quiet and peaceful but, just before WW2, there was a murder committed in the mansions, and during the war, in the summer of 1944, the blocks were struck by a V1 flying bomb killing six people and seriously injuring 13 others. Among the dead were a young girl and four old age pensioners.

Lauderdale RoadLe-Cochonnet in Maida Vale painting

You can purchase a limited edition print of this painting here

Another place in this area that I’m rather drawn to is Lauderdale Road, which sits at the junction of Elgin Avenue. There’s a little knot of small businesses and the one I’m rather keen on is Avalon flowers a fine, bow fronted, flower shop. It’s not very large although I’d say you get everything you want.

Behind Avalon Flowers you will find a little Italian restaurant called Le Cochonnet, that translates as “The Piglet” in French. I don’t know why an Italian restaurant has a French name. Le Cochonnet has a lovely feel inside. On my visit I ate the social grazing platter, which I believe is meant for two people, though I had the lot to myself.

A painting of Lauderdale Road, Maida Vale

You can purchase a limited edition print of this painting here

I put my painting online and I was contacted by several people who are just as keen on this little bit of Maida Vale as myself. I was more than happy to return and indulge in a few more views and, of course, a few more sharing platters.

You can purchase a limited edition print of this painting here

So, if you do ever find yourself at the junction of Elgin Avenue and Lauderdale Road, do stop and have a quick look around –  it is well worth it.


Maida Vale Neoclassical building

The buildings of Ashworth Mansions and Lauderdale Road are mainly constructed using red bricks. However, Maida Vale is also blessed with a fine number of stucco’d neoclassical buildings.

The area’s wide, tree lined avenues really present them at their best. When a client asked me to paint a front and back view of their home, I had marvellous time playing with all that stucco and mouldings.

So, that’s it from Maida Vale for the day. There are a few other scenes on my big list to paint, especially along the canals. I hope you enjoyed my video and post. Many thanks.




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