It is January. It’s freezing cold and it’s by the sea, but I’ve decided to go out and do a small drawing of Clevedon Pier in Somerset. And a video to go with it.  



It was once described by John Benjamin as the most beautiful peer in England and I think John Betjeman had a point, even on a day like this.

It was opened in 1869 as a tourist attraction and from the end, you could also get a paddle steamer to Wales. Everything was fine until 1970 when two of spars collapsed, and it took a huge fundraiser to get it back to its former glory. Anyway, back to the drawing….

Now I’m doing a very small drawing because almost all my large paintings originate from very small drawings. I feel it keeps things spontaneous. Anyway, That’s me done. I’m off to thaw out with a cup of tea.

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