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A bit about the Pons Aemilius

In each newsletter I give away a painting in a free draw. This month I was a bit stuck as to what to select, so I went sifting through my art draws for a likely candidate.

I eventually came across this painting I had forgotten all about. I painted it whilst on a visit to Rome in 2019.

It is the single arch of an ancient bridge over the river Tiber called the Pons Aemilius. The Pons Aemilius was built in about 150 BC and connected the central part of the city to the neighbourhood of Trastevere.

With repairs it seemed to give good service for about a 1000 years though in the 1550’s floods got the better of it. They city fathers repaired it in a lac lustre way and in 1598 another flood destroyed six of the arches. After that I suppose they gave up repairing it so, in the 1880s they built an iron bridge next door.

Today we have a single arch festooned in foliage. It makes for a poor bridge but a fine painting.

I paused to paint the Pons Aemilius whilst on the way to the Via del Portico d’Ottavia where they kindly supplied a whole street of restaurants with a fair few decent wines. Most enjoyable.

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