Glastonbury-on-Sea pier painting at The Glastonbury Festival, Somerset

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The great debut of the last festival, held in 2019, was the Glastonbury-on-sea pier, designed by The Mutoid Waste Company. The festival, however, is many miles from the sea, so it looked striking and rather dream-like up high on a hill, overlooking the Somerset countryside.

You can buy a limited edition print of the painting here

You can buy this painting here

It was a perfect subject for a painting. I had my watercolours with me so got to work on the main ideas, tucking into ice creams as I worked away. I felt really pleased with the result and decided to use it as a basis for the oil painting you see here.

As is often the way, being so engrossed and the painting taking longer than I imagined, I didn’t get the opportunity to visit the pier that year!

Today, a week prior to the festival, I looked across the fields and can see the pier is being rebuilt. So, I will finally get aboard and give it a look over.


Glastonbury on sea painting

More about the Glastonbury-on-Sea pier

Welcome one and all to experience the Great British seaside tradition of wandering along the seafront and up the Pier. Set in a new sea of tents, with marvellous views across the entire site, the sunsets are spectacular!

Open every day from 8am till 10pm come see The One Love Robotic Band (which takes animatronics to new levels), a traditional Punch & Judy show, a distinctive bingo caller known as Dick’s Cheesy Bingo, the fabulous Marisa’s fortune telling, Pinball Geoff with his arcade of vintage slot machines and one armed bandits with so, so much more.

Post some naughty postcards, pick up some bespoke rock, scoff some of the Pink Ladies’ candyfloss and take a selfie at one of the many photo opportunity spots all along the Pier.

Back on land why not ride the Dodgems, whizz down the new Helter Skelter or check out some bands on the seafront stage from the comfort of a deckchair. 

Stroll along, see the sights, hear the sea gulls scream, play the attractions and let our team of Redcoats show you a wondrous magical world and thoroughly entertaining time.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Mutoid Waste Company and Carhenge

The original idea for the pier was by the Mutoid Waste Company way back in 1984, led by the counter-cultural hero, Joe Rush.

The initial concepts sprang out of the Mad Max films and of course, Judge Dredd, from the 2000AD comics. What could be better?

Originally the MWC was a travelling group of artists and performers who held giant installation parties around the UK and Europe.

The installations were made of derelict vehicles, aircraft and machinery to build dystopian sculptures and re-imagined vehicles.

Things quickly grew and in 1990 Rush managed to get hold of a stolen Russian Mig 21 and a collection of ex-Soviet armoured vehicles enabling him to build in the sculpture garden on Potsdammer Platz,  ‘Tankhenge’. Essentially, Stonehenge out of tanks.

Since that time the MWC company has kept on moving and growing. It even took a central place in the ceremony of the Summer Paralympics in 2012.

Throughout that time it has always kept in contact with The Glastonbury Festival, where the WMC vehicles are common site at the festival. So common in fact that they have their own storage area.

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