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A bit about Campo Santa Margherita

After a visit to the Guggenheim museum, I happened across Campo Santa Margherita quite by accident. I find most things in Venice are discovered this way. Campo Santa Margherita is surrounded of houses from the XIV and XV century, is popular with tourists due to its collection of pubs, bars and restaurants.

I was told that there is a local market on some days and a fish market too. It was pretty lively as I passed through, so I stopped for a bite to eat and a drink. I really enjoyed the differentiation of the cafes and shops, made more noticeable by the washes of colour. I thought it would make a nice watercolour sketch.

The Church of Santa Margherita

The ancient Church of Santa Margherita was founded in the ninth century thought the original church is long gone. What is there today was built in 1687 by architect Giambattista Lambranzi.

Under Napoleon it became a cigarette factory of all things. in 1882 It became evangelical church and later became a cinema, known as Cinema S. Margherita or in Venetian dialect “Cine Vecio”, to distinguish it from “Cine Novo”, once located where now is the Supermarket Punto.

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