“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

To me, this quote is the quote of 2020, we are living through a pandemic so businesses must quickly learn to adapt to the challenges of the ‘new normal’.

In normal circumstances a school would hold open days to meet parents and potential students so they can all get together and have a good look around to see if this is the place for them.

Obviously, in these times that would be exceedingly difficult, so in response, Woodbridge School decided to hold a ‘Virtual Open Event’.

On behalf of myself and our dedicated team at Woodbridge School, I would like to welcome you to our exciting, interactive ‘Virtual Open Event’.

Ordinarily, we would be looking forward to welcoming you to our School for a face-to-face event. However, whilst we would love nothing more than to meet you in person, we have had to change the format to a virtual experience, in light of recent Government safety advice. As soon as we are able to, we will be organising more events on-site, but in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy exploring our beautiful School virtually.

Thank you for taking the time to join us and we wish you an enjoyable virtual visit to Woodbridge School…

we hope that it is only just the start of your journey with us!
Shona Norman, Head of Woodbridge School

Woodbridge School Virtual Open Event

This consisted of drone videos, interactive illustrated maps and aerial views of the two sites. These combined delivered the best idea of what the school is like but in complete safety.

My part of the online event would be to illustrate the aerial views, these would then be annotated to show the school’s grounds and facilities.

Illustrating an Aerial View

I have illustrated several aerial views over they years and have to say Google Satellite view in 3D is a bit of a godsend. Prior to that, everything had to be measured and projected in 3d by hand.

Although Google is a real help, it can only get you so far as the deeper details just aren’t there, so I required photographs of the site to provide everything I need. To  add to the challenge, it wasn’t really be wise for me to visit the site due to Covid.

To bridge this gap, I teamed up with the staff at Woodbridge School. I pointed out with Photoshopped arrows on the Google images where the detail was needed, and they went out to shoot each part, then mailed them over to me in the studio.

Together, we slowly built detailed drawings of each site until they were satisfied we had all we needed.

Woodbridge Main School Map Detail 4

Woodbridge Main School Drawing

Woodbridge Main School Map Detail 3

Woodbridge Prep School Drawing

Once the drawings were complete, I worked on the buildings in detail, then the grounds and playing fields, ensuring that the markings of tennis, football, rugby etc were accurate and to scale. I also added a bit of wear on the pitches too to give it a bit of added reality.

Woodbridge Main School Map


Woodbridge Main School Map Detail 1

Woodbridge Main School

Woodbridge Prep School Map

Woodbridge Prep School Map Detail 2

Woodbridge Prep School

Although I would normally work on site to do a project like this, it all came together very nicely in the end and was pleased to say that the Virtual Open Event was highly successful, which is what it’s all about.

See the virtual tour here


“We were very impressed with Liam’s enthusiasm and attention to detail from the outset, and he worked closely with us to understand our aim of creating a very different kind of ‘Virtual Open Event’ for our School.

One of Liam’s key strengths is his focus on capturing the minutest detail accurately and to scale, and his architectural style enabled us to provide our website visitors with extremely detailed and impressive plans of our two School sites for our first-ever online event.

“We would highly recommend Liam, as both a very proficient and professional artist.”

Rachael Jackson, MCIPR
Marketing Manager
Woodbridge School


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