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As a painter, much of my life is spent in ‘self-isolation’ anyway so its not much different for me. But for those of you getting bored or in need of some creative distraction, I have put this free video together to encourage you to take up drawing and painting in your own homes.

‘Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely.’
Winston Churchill

A free video to learn drawing and painting on a modest budget

A pdf of the content of the page is here.

To encourage as many people as possible I am not charging for this video and I have made every effort to keep the items needed within a modest budget. I have also used compact equipment for where space is an issue.

But I Can’t Draw!

This video is created for people with little or no experience in drawing and painting. I have delivered a few tips to get you rolling plus links to tutorials from other artists. All you need to bring to the party is enthusiasm and a willingness to try!

The Benefits of Drawing and Painting

There are enormous benefits with taking up drawing and painting. Not only do you get the satisfaction from feeling productive, it is also a meditative pursuit which can deliver a great sense of calm and relaxation. Once you get going, the hours can slip by almost without you noticing them.

There may even be a few financial benefits, I haven’t bought a birthday card in years!

The Content of the Drawing and Painting Video

  • The Relaxing Benefits of Drawing and Painting
  • Feel Productive
  • A Quick Word on Safety
  • An Introduction to the Kit You Will Need
  • Well, What Should I paint?
  • Getting A Few Lessons
  • But I Can’t Draw
  • A Final Word

The Items You Will Need to Take Up Drawing and Painting

Like all things, you can spend as much as you like although here, I have kept the prices low as possible. That said, all of what I am recommending I would happily use myself on a live professional job.

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’
Vincent Van Gogh

Items You Will Need

  • A small box of paints
    Put this into Google: Small artists watercolour paints
  • watercolour postcards
    Put this into Google: watercolour postcards
  • A4 (or similar) watercolour pad 12 sheets (NOT)
    Put this into Google: Watercolour Pad
    £5- £10
  • watercolour brushes set
    Number 6 Sable mix or man-made mix ideally included in the set
    Put this into Google: watercolour brushes set
  • 2B Pencils
    Put this into Google: 2B Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
    Put this into Google: Pencil sharpeners
  • Pencil Erasers
    Put this into Google: Pencil Erasers
  • Free stuff
    The rest you will need you can discover around the house. A jar for water, a few saucers for mixing a bit of paint and kitchen roll to clean up your brushes.

Final Cost

Getting A Few Lessons

There are some excellent online tutorials you can discover on YouTube. I have listed a few below that I have subscribed to myself, and these will get you going. Of course, if these are not for you then have a search around for something you are keener on. Its all about personal taste.

James Gurney

James also uses Gouache paint, which is a kind of poster paint. Buying white Gouache and adding a bit to the other paints will be a great start.
James Gurney the artist you tube page for drawing and painting

Café Watercolor – Eric Yi Lin

Eric Yi Lin the artist you tube page for drawing and painting

Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life)Graeme Stevenson the artist you tube page for drawing and painting

Alan Owen

Alan Owen the artist you tube page for drawing and painting

And Finally

I hope this video is of some interest and encourages you to take up an activity that has the potential to be hugely sustaining even during the most difficult times. Whatever the result I can guarantee you will never regret trying.

All the best to you.



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