The Sipsmith Gin company contacted me during the last days of winter to work on a summer campaign for their new Gin & Tonic in a can.

The Sipsmith Gin & Tonic concept

The initial idea was to create a scene which encompassed a number outdoor activities we may undertake during the Summer months and which might involve a few Gin & Tonics. A few examples given up front were Tennis, Cricket, festivals, Picnics, airshows, and so on.

‘It’s never been easier to take Sipsmith—and our sensationally sippable tipples—with you on the go. Here’s everything you need to know about our brand-new, Ready-to-Drink Gin & Tonics.
The return of warm weather also means the return of festivals and barbecues, picnics and pub gardens, holidays and adventure. Whether you’re soaking up the sun in one of London’s secret gardens, taking a train with friends, or toasting to a weekend away at Wilderness or Glastonbury, there’s nothing like a delicious and refreshing G&T to accompany the festivities. Now, it’s easier than ever to bring our handcrafted gin with you—no matter the occasion.’

Creating The Sipsmith Gin and Tonic illustrations

All these separate activities not only needed to work as a single image – which was a challenge in itself – but also needed to to work as separate files so Sipsmith could create an animation. This animation shows the activities viewed from a train window as it passed through the countryside. You can see the animation working below in the Sipsmith Instagram feed.

Play the Sipsmith Gin animation below

Sipsmith Gin Illustration on animation

The Sipsmith Gin & Tonic media usage

The campaign was launched around the mainline London train stations including Victoria, Waterloo, and Clapham. There is also a social media campaign which I am told is performing well.Sipsmith Gin Illustration on outdoor mediaSipsmith Gin Illustration on advertising screen

In conclusion

I’m rather partial to a Gin & Tonic so I was pleased to work on this project despite its technical challenges. I especially enjoyed working on it in the late winter, it gave me a feeling of the warmer months to come. As I type this I have all the windows pushed open, and the summer sun is blazing down but No Gin & Tonic yet, however.


‘Working with Liam has been an absolute pleasure. From briefing to final execution, everything went smoothly and we are extremely pleased with the results.’

Alessandro Perottoni – Senior Brand Manager @ Sipsmith London



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