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St Martin’s lane London.

This watercolour preparation study of St Martins Lane 13cm x 18cm, signed, and mounted on acid-free card.

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A bit about St Martins Lane

The street was first built up in 1610 by Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury who was a Privy Councillor and general fixer for both Elizabeth I, and James I.

For services rendered he was granted five acres of land on the street’s west side and built it all from there. It was originally known as West Church Lane; the current name dates from 1618.

A painting of St Martin’s lane London in a winter sunset.
In front is The London Coliseum Opened in 1904 and designed by Frank Matcham.
Beyond is St Martin-in-the-Fields which sits in Trafalgar Square.
St Martin’s opened in 1726 and was designed by James Gibbs.

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