Many of my clients do a great deal of travelling to all sorts of exotic places around the world. OK, much of it is work related, but all in all, it seems pretty exciting. I often ask if they do any painting.

They almost always say no. To me it seems such a pity that people who appreciate art enough to separate themselves from their hard earned cash, never seem to paint themselves. On pressing a little further,  I get:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m not any good
  • Too much to carry about with me

I am often out and about working on jobs, delivering paintings or meeting clients. During down-time I occupy myself by painting postcards. They are compact, quick to do, and you can always learn something along the way.

Cenotaph painting Postcard

Last week whilst on a break in London I had just finished one such piece, and it occurred to me that painting postcards is the perfect pastime for the busy beginner. It has everything going for it:

  • You can get rolling right away
  • They are quick to do
  • It’s not too serious so you don’t have to get stressed about it
  • If you’re pleased with the result you can put a stamp on it and post it to a friend or loved one
  • If you’re not pleased then who cares? You can just move onto the next one
  • Its compact

In the photo you can see that everything will fold-up and fit into a modest bag without taking up too much room.

Painting a postcard kit

Items needed:

  1. A few brushes
  2. Pencil
  3. Sharpener and eraser
  4. Small painting kit
  5. Postcards to paint on. I make my own out of off cuts of watercolour paper although you can get books of them from any art shop or even Amazon
  6. A sheet of plastic cut from a binder on which to tape your postcard down
  7. Sellotape to tape your postcard down to the binder cover. This gives a nice boarder, and stops the postcard curling up as you work
  8. Tissues. I tend to just blag them from Starbucks or some other fast food joint.
  9. Water. Blagged again
  10. Cup for water. Yes, another blag
  11. Finally a small, folding pouch to wrap it all upWatercolour postcards

Get painting a postcard

Brixton Town hall painting Postcard

If you travel a lot or just want to do something more interesting in your spare time other than Facebook then you can’t go far wrong than painting a few postcards. It may even lead onto bigger things.

Christmas is coming fast so it might be good to get someone to put a few things in your stocking! Alternatively, why not just treat yourself?

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