I was recently commissioned by KW Wealth, an independent wealth management firm, to help illustrate their rebrand.

The background to the story…

Recognising that the financial industry is fragmented and can often seem unapproachable, my brief was to capture the human face of KW Wealth. Almost all their clients are seen face to face as trust is built through good communication, so being able to explain the complexities of the financial world in a clear, and concise way is vital to help develop that trust and this is what leads to a productive business relationship.

KW Wealth encourages its clients to feel comfortable in simply being able to pick up the phone, have a meeting and have a chat, then decide the best way forward for them. The challenge of the rebrand and its associated imagery, was to deliver an open and relaxed feel whilst maintaining an assurance of absolute professionalism.

Developing the illustrations

Working with River Digital’s concept, it was decided to develop a series of characters which typify the KW Wealth customer. Of course, I have my own style of people so I was pleased they embraced my rather idiosyncratic style for the brand.

These characters would be positioned in normal streets around where the offices and head quarters are located going about their ordinary lives.

KW Wealth have offices in London, Manchester, Cheltenham, Maidstone, Brighton and Worcester and wanted to feature a couple of the office locations on their rebrand. London and Manchester were chosen, as they are the larger offices, and represent both north and south.

A visit to London

The account director from River Digital and I met up with the directors KW Wealth to discuss a few location ideas over a coffee.

A painting of KW Wealth offices (above)

The first location was the KW Wealth offices in Austin Friars in the City of London. A fine terrace of varying architecture, and building materials. I really enjoy working on scenes such as this, as it provides fine opportunities for colour and texture.

Once complete, we worked up the characters and placed them into the final painting.
Drawing of Friers Square London

A painting of The Dutch Church, Austin Friars

Painting of Friers Square Church London

I didn’t even know this building existed, and I thought I had seen all the City churches. The original church was built in 1550, though was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940. It current incarnation was built in 1950 – 1954.
Drawing of Friers Square Church London

A painting Pinner’s passage

Painting of Modern Building Friers square

Finally, a new building of glass and steel which sits over Pinner’s passage. I took the opportunity to place in reflections in the glass of the buildings opposite.

Drawing of Modern Building Friers square

I was pleased with this trio. With all the styles and eras i had a fine representation of The City of London.

I was pleased with this trio. With all the styles, and eras. A fine representation of The City of London.

Up north to Manchester

The second location was in the city of Manchester. We decided to pick three views which typified the city.

A painting of Manchester Town Hall

Painting of Manchester Town Hall final

The town hall was completed in 1877 and was designed by Alfred Waterhouse. A classic piece of Victorian Neo Gothic and contains some fine murals by Ford Madox Brown.

Drawing of Manchester Town Hall final

A painting of St Anne’s Church Manchester

Painting of Manchester St Anns

This grade1 listed building was built in 1712 when Manchester was not much more that a modest rural town. Of course the industrial revolution changed all that and now it sites right in the centre of a vast city. It is built of local Red Coyllyhurst stone thought this is very soft, and as it has worn away over time it was replaced with yellow sandstone which gives it this variegated look.

Drawing of Manchester St Anns

A painting of The Rembrandt, Manchester

Painting of Manchester Rembrandt Pub

Manchester wouldn’t be Manchester without some sort of party element. So we decided to paint The Rembrandt pub which sits on the corner of Sackville Street and Canal Street. The Rochdale canal was built in 1804 and these pubs quickly established to take advantage of the passing trade.

Drawing of Manchester Rembrandt Pub

Implementing the illustrationsKW Wealth Webiste image

KW Wealth Webiste image

Once the illustrations were completed they were placed into the new website, and other marketing materials. It was a most enjoyable job to do and am pleased with how it looks.

Friendly though assured. Just what the art director and most importantly – the end client.


“KW Wealth needed to show a friendly face to there existing and any new client base. Researching the competitors we noticed that no one had really used illustration to great effect in any communication to clients. So, with that route decided – we needed to find an illustrative style that was at once professional but also reassuring… not too wild, to quote the client. Liams drawings and paintings are a perfect match. He took the brief, and delivered it painlessly and with plenty of flair, ideas and enthusiasm. The client loves him”

Dan Simmons – Digital Director. River Digital

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