In my last video, I painted in the sky of the Tate & Lyle Sugar Factory to give me a basis of the tonal values and mood I needed to work with. In this video, I will be working up the lines of terraced buildings in the foreground.

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Silvertown in Newham, London is the factory of Lyle’s Golden Syrup that Abram Lyle opened in the 1880s. It has a vast output and produces more than a million tins of Lyle’s Golden Syrup every month. It is a fine painting location too.

Most of these buildings were built in the late 19th Century. I have seen photos of some of these building sites and what struck me most was the lack of machinery. There were no diggers, no cranes, no road drills or electric saws. Just the odd horse, and a few wheelbarrows.

These sturdy buildings will last at least another hundred years, and they were all built by hand. All without the aid of a hi-viz vest! It must have been a very tough job indeed.


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