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This watercolour study of  the Thali Café is 26cm x 17cm, signed and mounted on acid-free card.

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A bit about the Thali Café

I bagged a bit of lovely sunshine while painting in Bristol. Following a walk around, I decided to paint the Thali Café in Montpelier.

I got there early in the morning just in time for to see some very serious drunks making their way home. Also, some very early dog walkers, their dogs vacuuming up the bits of kebab and chips dropped by the drunks – fine partnership.

The website describes it as:
‘Thali is an award-winning restaurant renowned for producing simple food full of exotic flavours, using local, seasonal produce and traditional Indian techniques.
The word “Thali” refers to the way meals are eaten in India – where a selection of healthy, delicious and nutritious dishes are served together on one plate – and also to the stainless steel, compartmentalised dishes they’re served on.

Thali Café
12 York Rd, Bristol BS6 5QE

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