In a great effort to stay with the times, and to deliver a clearer idea of what I do, I am putting more effort into video blogs. ‘Vlogs’ I am supposed to call them. I did a few last year, and I rather enjoyed it all so here we go.

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A number of years ago, I painted the Sugar Factory in East London. I was drawn to it initially by accident. After a long day working, I fell asleep on The Dockland Light Railway. Whilst asleep, I sailed straight through Canning Town where I intended to stop only to wake up at London City Airport . There I got off the train, and saw the factory from the DLR platform. It is just my sort of thing so I made a note to go back another day to paint it.

Paint it I did, I was pleased with it, sold it, and it even featured in the Guardian. Not for my painting skills, however, just by the fact that I was searched by the police twice while I was working. I may have been an ‘anarchist’ apparently. A watercolouring anarchist sounds rather harmless to me.

I have recently produced another watercolour (questioned twice by security then I was moved on) of a similar view, and am dead keen to work it up to an oil painting.

Painting of the Tate & Lyle Sugar factory London

In this video you will see the development of the sky with a few thoughts added on top. Its less than three minutes and I hope you enjoy it. I will be adding more videos as the painting progresses.

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