BBC Countryfile Magazine contacted me again to produce another illustration based on using SmartPhones to track down, and conserve wildlife.

Can technology bring us closer to nature?

As a species, for the first time in our history, we have become networked. We carry phones. We check our status updates. We share videos of our friends and our families and, inexplicably, YouTube videos of cats doing ridiculous things. We are the generation most removed from nature and technology is why, we’re told. But what if it’s not? Could screen-time, so often vilified for removing us from nature, also be the thing that better links us to it? In the article Jules Howard meets the people who, far from being distanced from nature, are engaging and exploring nature in new ways courtesy of the technology that sits within their pockets.

Working on the illustration

I decided to do a couple of children looking through a SmartPhone at a number of British wildlife species.

Of course, in reality, wild life is never that cooperative when it comes to showing itself, though with the fantasy world of illustration anything can happen.

BBC Countryfile Fox and Hares

With that in mind, I packed in a good few illustrations across the landscape and added a Pokemon for good measure.

I really enjoyed working through this project as each section was a small nature study in itself. That said, I didn’t want them exactly anatomically correct as I felt it needed a bit of playfulness to counter what might be initially perceived as a dull article.

BBC Countryfile Owls and kingfisher

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