An illustration for the BBC CountryFile Magazine

28 Jun 1 Comment

I was pleased to be invited to contribute an illustration to July’s issue of the BBC Countryfile Magazine.

“If you love the great British countryside and the great outdoors, you’ll love BBC Countryfile Magazine.

Based on the long-running BBC One TV series, this monthly magazine is packed with the latest countryside news, outdoor activities, the best of local food and rural events. Don’t forget to visit our website for more of your favourite features, polls, rural news and much more.”

An illustration on how to make a kite

I was asked to illustrate the making of a kite. I had experience of this. As a child, I recall attempting to make a kite. I am not the most practical of people and it all turned out a total mess. I recall taking it on its first flight and it immediately folded up like a cheap suit. Never mind.

Flying a kite illustration

Thankfully in this article I illustrated step by step instructions which your modern child can follow, and hopefully have a bit more success.

Flying a kite illustration 2

The main part of the job, however, would feature the two children cheerfully flying the kite in the British countryside.

I produced the initial visuals based on the fields around the Vale of Avalon where I live in Somerset. This has quite a hilly landscape so it is not suitable for vast fields of crops.

You will find, instead, the classic patchwork of small fields divided by hedges. There are some specialised crops, which vary the colours and tonal values of each field, interspersed with fields of sheep and cows. The overall effect is wonderful and I thank myself daily for living in such a beautiful place.

Once we agreed on the initial concepts, I went ahead with the final illustration. It was a real joy to do and looks pretty effective in the final magazine. That said, I won’t attempt making another kite. I know my limits.

You can buy July’s Issue on this link here.

Client testimonial from CountryFile Magazine

‘I commissioned Liam to create an illustration that would complement a feature on how to make your own kite for our July issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine. He produced a great piece of artwork which was exactly what we were after. Everything was completed and delivered on time with great efficiency. As soon as the right feature comes along, he will be the first person I contact for more illustration work.”

Hilary Clothier

Picture Editor
BBC Countryfile Magazine


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