A few months back, Paint & Draw Magazine did a article on me and my work. Since that time they contacted me again and asked if I would put together a tutorial about my work processes. I was delighted to do so.

You can buy a limited edition print of this painting here

I work in rather an idiosyncratic way so for the tutorial I have streamlined things a wee bit to make things simpler.

If you are keen, you can buy the magazine at most newsagents in the UK or you can buy it online here.

In support, I also did a tutorial video which you can see  below.


A painting of Clearance Pier in Portsmouth, UK

Painting of Clarence Pier in Portsmouth

During February, I visited my old home town of Portsmouth. While there, I walked along the beach and came across Clarence Pier. It looked an ideal painting for me. A bit of dilapidated glory always stirs me.

The pier also holds some fine memories from when I was a child. Added to that, along the beach, there were a few locals taking a walk with bouncing dogs. People who walk on beaches in winter tend not to be the same people who sunbathe on them in summer.

I was enthused, and decided to paint the scene. I would use it a basis for studio painting. I always travel very light. I pulled out a small palate, a Moleskine sketchbook, pencils and brushes.
I found a bit of windshield behind a cafe, then got myself cosy, pulled my hat down tight, and wearing my fingerless gloves I began.

First, I get the loose idea of the whole scene. As it is cold, I am going to have to work fast, also the light does not hang about for long either. After working for about 1.5 hours I got all the bones I needed. I also noted the local people taking a brisk winter walk.

Painting of Portsmouth

With this loose watercolour I went back to the studio to begin the final painting, which is the basis of the Paint & Draw tutorial.

Paint & draw painting of Portsmouth

Spread of Paint & Draw Magazine of Portsmouth

More about Paint & Draw magazine

Paint & Draw is a magazine aimed at the “enthusiast artist of all abilities”. The monthly publication, available now, covers all painting and drawing art from watercolours and oils, to acrylics, pastels and pencils.

Future says Paint & Draw helps artists improve their skills, learn new techniques, and get inspiration from some of the best professional artists working today. Beren Neale, editor of Paint & Draw said:

“Paint & Draw gives readers more pages of practical content than any other art magazine, with fantastic step-by-step guides that will help artists of any skill level improve their artwork. We want Paint & Draw to be simple to follow, inspiring, and, above all, helpful to the huge number of hobbyist artists worldwide.”


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