This month I am launching my YouTube channel. It is something I have been wanted to do for a long time and am most pleased that I have finally got around to it.

I will be doing videos regularly so please do subscribe, and add the odd ‘like’ too if you’re keen.

A Sketchbook view video

To launch my channel, I decided to do a portfolio of my sketchbook drawings and paintings.

People often ask me to show them my molskine sketchbooks. They seem to enjoy seeing the bones of how I work, including all the mini sketches that are scattered about all over the place.

I keep a sketchbook with me almost all the time. I don’t see them as precious things and you will even find the odd shopping list here and there.

All that said, they are the cornerstones to almost everything I do, with that in mind, I have put a quick video together showing a number of my pages. I hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks.



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