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I was recently commissioned to paint a few places in the London Borough of Greenwich. All the places featured, are  within 15 minutes walking distance of each other so on a visit, you can pack a huge amount into a day.

This part of my tour features a pub and a series of shops on Royal Hill. It is tucked just off of the main streets, though with a bit of Google map rummaging, it is pretty easy to find.

There are five views in all, so I thought I would spread them accross two painting stories. This is part two. See part one of the Greenwich tour here.


Local shops on Royal Hill, Greenwich

Britain is a wasteland of franchise hell, so it is always a real treat, to see a little string of local shops tucked into a residential area serving a local community.

The Cheese Board has been here for over 20 years and they are experts in all things cheese. They sell over 100 varieties of cheese from all over Europe and if you require bottle of red to send it all down with, then they can help you here too. They even do a delivery service. What’s not to like!

A few doors down you will find Drings the butchers. Meat is their speciality, and their sausages are made on the premises, they even run classes in butchery should you wish to take them. I make my own sausages myself and it is very satisfying watching your own recipe sizzling away on a BBQ.

The Creaky Shed is a local greengrocer specialising in seasonal food, much of it unusual and interesting varieties. The interior has a touch of a rustic allotment shop about it. And the displays at the shop front worthy of Chelsea.

Of course, these are not the cheapest places you can go to, although if you look abroad, especially in the Mediterranean countries where food quality has a far higher currency there are far more places like this.

So stepping off of the retail park, and getting at least a portion of the weekly shop from places like these is a real treat and it supports the local community too.

Drawing of The Richard 1st pub on Royal Hill, Greenwich


The Richard 1st pub on Royal Hill, Greenwich

A painting of The Richard 1st pub on Royal Hill, Greenwich

In locations where you have much tourism, there is an inclination to stick to the main streets and just visit the main pubs and eateries that are right in front of you.

These are often pretty good, however, in high tourist footfall areas, the prices can be pretty steep and, the quality of food and beer may not be the best as the establishment does not need to rely on repeat business.

It is always good to look down a few back streets for the place the locals use and there are often a few pleasant surprises. The Richard 1st pub is a good example. Tucked off a main street, this is certainly a local pub with local people, serving really good real ales and craft draught beers.

I am told the food is pretty good too through I have yet to experience it. It even has its own ‘pub quiz’ very local.


The RIchard the 1st Pub in Greenwich

See part one of the Greenwich tour here.

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