Converted volkswagen  dormobile camper used as an ice cream Bus

As I am fortunate enough to live in Pilton where the Glastonbury Festival is held, and living here makes it easy ofr me to get out with my paints and do a spot of work in between bands, larger and hog roast.

I did a fair bit of drawing and painting last year so I felt that this year I would take it a bit easier and just do a few small postcards which I would offer free on Twitter for a bit of festival fun.

Painting the volkswagen dormobile buses and the Citroen H Van

The festival occupies and few square miles, and 50 odd stages so there is a vast army of businesses on site to offer the best takeaways in all the world. With that in mind I decided to paint a few of the many weird and wonderful food and refreshment vans that are plying their trade.

The three vans below were just randomly chosen really, though each I felt had a particular charm which I felt exemplifies the festival. I had to dodge the weather on occasion though got what I wanted in the end.

I am pleased to say too that they flew off the shelf on Twitter so big thanks to all those who Retweeted and gave great feedback. It is much appreciated.



 Watercolour of Converted Citroen H Van used as The tea and toast van Converted  Citroen H Van used as The tea and toast van

Watercolour of a volkswagen dormobile camper used as  olive bus at the Glastonbury Festival

 Converted volkswagen dormobile camper used as The olive van

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