Painting cats is pretty fun and I dont mind admitting it

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I was commissioned recently to paint four cats owned by one of my clients. Initially she just wanted simple portraits for the wall. I however wanted to give it a bit more and suggested we do something around their personalities and have them in individual chairs too to add a bit of interest. Once agreed I got the personality breakdowns and set to work.

They were all a mixed bag of Siamese cats and were, it has to be said an odd bunch. One ‘Bluebell’ lies down like a human and only drinks water from a glass. ‘Rosie’ steals jewellery and has other odd habits as well. ‘Bosie’ is in charge so he gets a big throne to sit on and so on.


Cat painting 1 Cat painting 2 Cat painting 3

The results are below and I am most pleased, and had a great time doing them. I even decided to one of our cat ‘Poppy’. She is number five on the list below.



poppy the cat



¬†…And finally our cat poppy.



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