Glastonbury Tor 30cm x 14cm Oil on Board

Over the bank Holiday weekend I decided to take a quick trip over the back hills of Pilton to do a spot of traditional outdoor oil painting. It is not something I do on a regular basis though sometimes its just good to splash a bit of paint about for no particular reason.


I chose one of the higher points on Ridge Lane which is the Pilton to Wells road. There is a lovely spot where you can see right over to the Glastonbury Tor and beyond. In between the farmers have maintained the small, ancient fields so there is plenty to paint.

I got set up on my small box easel mounted on a tripod, it was a mite gusty though a found a bit of shelter from the wind behind a hedge and set to work. The real Pros at this game could get this view in within an hour or so. It took me considerably longer though I enjoyed every minute.

I hope you like the result. I will be doing a few more of these I think. I need to get some exercise too so it will be a good reason to get the bike out of the shed.




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