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Who are they?

I was at Paddington Station in London waiting for a train back to Somerset and just about to set off home when the train was cancelled. It looked as though I would have to wait at least two hours before I had a chance to get another. So after I had looked through a dozen relevant magazines in Smiths and a fair few irrelevant ones too I felt I would go outside and get a bit of air to pass the time.


On the busy street outside I spotted this portly pair. They were nattering away, one holding shopping and the other propping a baby on her hip. They were at a traffic light and in position to cross the road but were too engrossed talking to move, even when the green man gave the ‘GO’. I noted them in my sketch book as they passed the time.


The pencil study is 25cm x 15cm, signed and mounted on acid free card.


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