5 Fournier Street

On Good Friday I was invited to be interviewed by ‘The gentle author’ – the anonymous blog and book writer of ‘Spitalfields Life’ who has set the rather daunting ambition of:


“Writing at least ten thousand stories about Spitalfields life. At the rate of one a day, this will take approximately twenty-seven years and four months. “


The gentle author said it wouldn’t take too long to interview me and all that was required were a few copies of my work and to take a few shots of me drawing in the street.


I had a few paintings to deliver to clients over the weekend in London anyway so it did not take too much of an adjustment to squeeze in this rather fascinating ‘Banksy of bloggers’. We agreed to meet for our chat at 5 Fournier Street which is a splendid old Huguenot House converted to an art’s caf


‘The gentle author’ greeted me warmly at the door and we settled in with pots of tea and biscuits before we began. Then for the next hour or so over the author fielded questions concerning how and why I do what I do. It was rather odd as some answers I was not too sure of myself as I had never stopped to consider them so I had to work them out as I went along. I also had the opportunity to ask a few myself on why someone sets such a great personal ambition of 10,000 blogs. The gentle author is an intriguing person.


Once all was complete we stepped outside and the author took a few photos of me drawing after which we shook hands and said our goodbyes. The gentle author then slipped off into Spitalfields ancient streets and was gone.


The author is five years through that great ambition now and I am proud to say that I represent 1/10,000th of that very task which you can see in this link. Note: I polished my boots especially for the occasion.


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