The Client

MEED is a magazine based in the Middle East and I am commissioned on occasion to do covers for them.

We have been working together for about a year now and the work is mainly architectural. I have been amazed at the wide range of different architectural styles that there are in that part of the world, and how quickly skylines change in places such as Dubai.

Most of my illustrations are not straight, copies of the skyline though are compositions of a number of different locations. A bit from Doha, a bit from Dubai, a train from here and so on.

The work is pretty far removed from what I am normally asked to illustrate, i.e. old buildings. These modern buildings present their own set of challenges as all the shapes are so complex and often feature curves and even folds, they seemed to have abandoned the basic skyscraper altogether. That Norman Foster has got a lot to answer for and it all adds up to a rather big illustration challenge.

Anyway, I hope you find them of interest and if you require any illustrations then do contact me.

The testimonial

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Liam and have found his work to a high standard. It’s not easy turning around quality artwork to our deadlines, but Liam does. Sometimes, as our stories develop, we need our artists to make changes to their artwork and Liam is happy to do this. “

Martin Staniszewski Art Editor MEED – Part of the Emap network





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