To help stem the chaos of an artist’s life A few years ago I did a great deal of work studying Time Management, I even bought a few books on it.

Time Management for the Affordable art fair


Something had to be done as the ‘things to be completed’ tide was eventually going to sweep me out to sea forever. Over the years I have got a system together which more or less works.


My system does, however, come under the most strain while preparing for The Affordable Art Fair. I plan things out pretty carefully about a month beforehand. I list all the tasks I can think of, put timings next to each and then prioritise each task. Once this is done, I divide the hours by the days and off I go. Simple.


The problem is…

The great General Sun Tzu said ‘No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy’.  I can see what he means because as I began my tasks other things seemed to be popping up all over the place.


Framing for the Affordable Art Fair


And these ‘other things’ are not only extending the hours but messing up my priorities as well. Today for instance, I have been completely outflanked by ‘the purchasing of bubble wrap’. I thought I had loads of bubble wrap though I have none so it’s a drive to the bubble wrap shop, and this delays the painting on the board right now.


There is of course the totally unexpected problems that no time management system can predict. You would be better off with a crystal ball than a Master’s degree from the Harvard Business School to predict ‘Chase out mystery Hen that has wandered into the house and is eating the cat food’ into the system. It’s all very stressful.


Chasing out hens

The good thing is…

Although the rivets of my system are bursting out all over the place I am reminded of another saying that ‘Every job takes as long as the deadline’ and this is true too.


Despite the brutal hours and the pop up horrors somehow on the day all will be there as planned. The paintings will be up, the leaflets out, hair combed and smile on.


So if you are in London  from the 24-27 October 2013, come over to the The Affordable Art Fair Battersea  and see our lovely tidy, happy, and organised stand at F2.


We hope to see you there.


Off to the Affordable Art Fair Battersea


Battersea Evolution
Battersea Park
London SW11 4NJ

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