The magazine was issued on the 2nd September 2013. The brief was to advertise ‘Coach’ bags.  Coach was established in New York in 1941 and the client wanted a classic New York City montage which needed to include the Brooklyn Bridge and the Highline.

It did not have to be geographically accurate as this was not for a tourist guide, it just had to give the classic feel of the city. Unfortunately for me the ‘Mad Men’ budgets of the past are no longer with us so the expenses paid trip over to New York was out of the question. This project had to be completed entirely from rural Somerset in the UK.


I produced the initial drawings partly from paintings, drawings and photos I did while back on a visit to New York, though only a minor part of it was work produced on site by me. The major part of the concepts were sketched from posted image sites such as Flickr and of course the wonder that is Google Street view.

Once we had agreed ideas, the client and I worked with the illustration and the bags together to create a whole concept, keeping in mind all the time that the focus of the advert was the bags and the illustration was there to compliment them.

Initial drawings for the Tatler Magazine spread

Once we were happy with the drawings I went ahead with the final illustration. As my work often does not have defined boarders, my illustrations can work in and out of typography to create a unique page that draws the eye and I am very happy with the result. More importantly the client was too.


Liam O’Farrell’s illustration on our recent Coach promotion really evoked the New York landscape.  His beautiful depiction of the landmark street scenes and buildings, both old and new were the perfect backdrop to showcase Coach’s new handbag collection within this Tatler Promotion.


Samantha Brownstein
Art Director, Promotions
Tatler Magazine


I have been an artist/Illustrator since 1987 and I am still stunned on how the internet has changed the work we do.  I have learnt that you can create fantastic, evocative  location shots of almost anywhere in the world from your own studio. That said a few ‘Mad Men’ expenses paid trips certainly won’t be turned away!


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