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Who is she?

I was working on an oil painting of an allotment and I just couldn’t pin down the female character in it.

For reasons known only to myself, I was looking for a little bit of a spiteful bully. Someone you would hate to have as a neighbour, though would love to observe from a safe distance.

I worked on the character for hours and she just wouldn’t come alive. There was not point pushing it so just carried on with the final piece, leaving a space where she needed to go, and hoped inspiration would bless me at some future point.

A few weeks later, I popped into an allotment to note the new growth with a few drawings. Whilst there I was struck by a voice, a low female voice with an overbearing, chastising tone. Whoever she was berating, was making no reply to what were obviously rhetorical questions.

Moving to the sound of the guns, I spied her across a few plots. She was obviously not dressed for gardening though appeared to know everything about it. She was perfect!

I could tell she was not going to move much which was good though I had to stem my eagerness to ensure I got what I needed. I drew her as quickly as I could while she worked on her victim.

From my position, I couldn’t see who she had in her talons and whoever it was never said a word for the short time I was there, so even now, I have no idea who it was.

Once back to the studio, I worked it up to a finer detail before the memory left.
If you would like her for your wall then just drop me a line. I am convinced she will guard your house!

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