I give away a drawing with each of my newsletters. The winner is picked out at random from those who wish to take part in the draw.


The last drawing which was a preparatory drawing for an oil painting was won by Bea from Hove, UK. She was kind enough to write a few words too.


If you would like to receive my newsletter and be entered in to the draw then just go on to my site and sign up.





‘I was lucky enough (which doesn’t happen too often in my life) to win Liam’s drawing in a raffle for his Newsletter subscribers. It even came mounted so framing was really easy and now it’s sitting on my desk. It’s a pencil drawing and it reminds me that I would like to be a proud owner of Liam’s work in colour… hopefully in a near future.


Liam and his works are in perfect union. I hope he won’t mind me saying that I can actually picture him as one of the delightfully real characters in his pictures. Simply, his art conveys his beautiful spirit and love for everyday scenes we so often miss to register while rushing about.’


Bea, Hove.


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