Yearly Roundup 2011

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I have written a quick round up of this year.   Some of the articles link to blogs in the site if you wish to see more detail.

Framed paintings for sale 2011(7.5 mg pdf)

Mounted Paintings for sale 201 (2.5mg pdf)


I have been involved in a few exhibitions and was lucky enough tofeature again in The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in London. It’s always a unique pageant and has the oddest customs going back hundreds of years.

Also worth a mention was my first time at The Bath Prize which my entry, I’m pleased to say was successful – plus I sold my painting as well!

A few accolades

In July Winsor & Newton paid me the honour of being their featured artist on their monthly Newsletter , a special treat as there are 1,000’s of members on the site. I thanked them and they replied and said they liked me me because they found me ‘peculiar!’

Later that month I was also featured artist on the internationally renowned ‘Creative Finder’ website and I was featured on the home page too.

Painting trips

I have been all over this year on painting trips. In May there was a visit to Cuba and I had a great opportunity to paint the eclectic mad house which is Havana. Cuba is a gift to any one on every level so do go there if you have an opportunity.

Havana, Cuba

In June a friend loaned me his house in the French Pyrenees and despite the precipitous driving conditions it was fantastic. I was spoilt with scenery though my favourite part was painting the next door neighbour’s including an inseparable Goat and Hen.


In September it was over to New York and a short trip upstate to the small town of Hudson situated as might be expected on the Hudson River.

New York

There huge amount to say about New York and I still haven’t finished my blog on it. I hope to finish it off early next year.


The last trip of the year was to move house I  finally left London after 23 years and moved to the west of England near Bath. As mentioned I have already insinuated myself into the Bath Prize and had a few productive conversations with a couple of galleries. I will still paint my beloved urban scenes though I feel I may be practicing painting sheep, pigs and chickens a good deal more than one would living in London.


Well that’s it for now, next year I expect will be just as busy although there will not be so much travelling as I will be concentrating on settling in to my new home.


Thanks for reading, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Best wishes


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