I have recently finished another oil painting. ‘The Garden’. Oddly, all the plants are poisonous. You will find Hemlock (little sprigs of white flowers bottom left) among them. Socrates was forced to take Hemlock for upsetting his fellow Greeks.

The daddy of them all however would be the Castor plant (the red one mid right). The husk of its seeds contain ricin. An amount of ricin the size of a grain of salt will kill any human. Which is why it was great favourite of the KGB. It makes even the deadly Hemlock look like an antiseptic mouth wash.

The hubrisious grower has not yet noticed the poison ivy climbing the rake. Too busy looking proud. The overgrown garden is in the process of turning on its faithful soon to be victim who has so diligently nurtured them.

I suppose it is a ‘Reap what you sow’ allegory. We all in reap what we sow in the end.


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