I am currently battling away with a painting of Columbia road flower market. I say battling because when the market is open it is utter mayhem.

A virtual 80’s trading floor at the summit of a black Wednesday. There are great eddying tides of people heavy with boxes of plants and flowers elbowing each other out of the way. I found it impossible to stay in a steady position. And ended up getting bellowed by a so called ‘Yummy Mummy’ with three children and told to ‘Get out of the fucking way!’. Charming!

I have finally decided to cheat. I went to the market on a day it was closed and worked in the buildings. I moved the odd warehouse around a little for composition sake. It was bliss. I did however have to go back to sketch in the people and the stalls. This I achieved by jamming myself into doorways and in the gaps in between each plot, avoiding all irate parents. I eventually escaped with what I wanted.

The oil painting seems to be coming on. I have painted the street with serenity rather than the floral rugby scrum it actually is. The bloody memory is too brutal.


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