A visit to betws garmon, wales

I managed to do a few paintings on a short break to Wales, staying in a tiny village at the foot of Mount Snowdon, Betws Garmon. An idyllic place to the point of surreal. Of course you had a view of the perfect mountain range from the front door step, in addition, however, you are also provided with a clear as glass bubbling stream full of trout. And a steam railway at the end of the garden, which (wait for it!) you can thumb down for a lift and hop on when you like. As far as I know none of these things are available in Hackney where I live.
Just around the corner I painted a caravan in a field. The owner pops around each evening and mows the field. The field is tended so well you could bowl on it. I asked him what he was preparing the field for. Tourist camping maybe? It turned out to be nothing whatsoever, he just seems to like mowing. He mowed I painted.

We popped over to Bangor for a while. There was a chap and his wife running a small kiosk on the pier. They sold crab lines and tea towels etc. He was not Welsh so I asked him what brought him to Wales. 'Ohhh' he said with a worried face. 'I couldnt' stand the rat race of Dorset!' No need to ask whether he had ever lived in London.

Just down the road was the local church. I am generally used to painting empty churches. This one was full. Full of song as much as people. Big rousing Welsh chapel songs. Very tidy! I sat painted in the churchyard all the way through two services. I had company mind. A mouse, it which flitted in and out of my feet looking for scraps. They have plenty of these in Hackney.


watercolour and oil painting exhibition in London

Latest news.I have an exhibition entitled London Scene, A Capital Exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in waterloo. Exhibiting both watercolour and oil paintings. From the 11 January – 10 February 2010. Gallery Open 10am to 7:30pm Monday to Saturday:124 -126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN UK (Opposite the Old Vic Theatre)Tel: 020 7620 [...]

I have an article in the guardian regarding "stop and search" watercolouring

See the article here Taking a photograph in a public place has become the quickest way to attract police attention, as increasing numbers of photographers can verify. But now it has emerged that anti-terrorism officers are uneasy about a far less sophisticated piece of surveillance technology: the watercolour brush and canvas. Liam O’Farrell, an artist [...]

I have a letter in the guardian on friday 18th december

I was stopped and searched twice near London City airport – for watercolouring! I was not even facing the airport. I was painting the Tate and Lyle sugar factory opposite. They said they saw me on a camera and thought that “no one would want to paint a factory”. I explained that LS Lowry did [...]