As an artist I cherish the ordinary in things in life, I like to look again at all the things we can so easily miss, and celebrate them. Although much of my work is architectural, the core influences are all about the people. I couldn’t paint a building or street scene without a population to occupy it and to perform within its space.

My paintings can be in oil paint or watercolours, although fundamentally it is all about the drawing. To me that is where the art of it all is.
I exhibit often, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal Society of British Arts and as far afield as Tokyo.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please contact me with any enquiries.

Oil Paintings

A lovely medium to work in, the colours and tone can really sing.

Watercolour Paintings

Nice and quick to get to the core of the subject.

Drawings and Sketches

It all starts here. This is the heart of what I do.

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